ultimate css animated preloaders

Web even smoother

material design

Start simple
Pick an element and paste it
in your page.
Clips on the table
Simple preloader
Make it complex
Add some more elements and play with helpers.
Complex preloader
What's included
That's pretty phenomenal when you try to count the number of possible combinations.
Less is more
VSPreloader was developed using Less (CSS pre-processor).

Smart file structure

Configurable variables

Handy mixins

Unlimited Colors
Change your color in LESS than 3 seconds.
Blue preloader presented on iPhone 5c
Green preloader presented on iPhone 5c
Yellow preloader presented on iPhone 5c
Red preloader presented on iPhone 5c
Interactive documentation
It's ridiculously simple, we took care of it.
VSPreloader's documentation presented on iMac
Have Fun
Yes, you can create even strange things like that too.
Funny preloader